Voodoo Priest Pa Neezer

Just about every 7 days we are profiling a well-known voodoo priest or priestess, telling their story and recounting their strongest spells in somewhat to highlight the accurate energy of the misunderstood art. This week we’re Checking out the heritage of Pa Neezer, a up to date Voodoo Priest and Obeah Man from Trinidad.

In this, our third installment we are looking at a person from a lot more contemporary instances, proving that even in the modern period Voodoo remains to be related. He was born as Ebenezer Elliot in Trinidad and he became well known as he mixed Voodoo with Obeah. In an identical trend to Voodoo, Obeah has an African heritage and refers to both equally benign and malicious magic. The voodoo spells similarities You should not stop there either for the reason that, because of well-liked tradition references and adverse publicity, the majority of people are only aware of the darker aspect of Obeah which only addresses a small proportion of just what the follow is about.

Pa Neezer utilised the positive components of both religions to become a powerful healer and in contrast to some other Obeah practitioners he constantly refused to work with his energy to help those who planned to inflict suffering or interact with any with the darker spirits. He was a deeply spiritual and mellow male and had no real interest in consorting with devils and demons. Because of this, for the higher A part of a few a long time when he was respected he was by no means feared.

The rationale Pa Neezer was so one of a kind is no only would he not engage with and harness the evil spirits he refused to truly place voodoo himself. His speciality was in lifting curses which intended that he grew to become a lot more specialised than Nearly some other voodoo practitioner We have now looked at. I focussed on people who had been positioned below a curse or serving to those who had simply just fallen foul of the Ioa. It is from this perception that he grew to become essentially the most eminent healer on your entire island of Trinidad. The Voodoo religion states that illness is due to currently being engaged by a malicious Ioa and Neezer would interact the demon spirit, attract it out and mend the stricken having a series of incantations and ceremonies. He was so effective that almost all of Trinidadian inhabitants would head to him just before they went to your medical center, a true indicator of your religion that individuals had in him, his means and his compassion.

Neezer’s perform ethic was legendary. He would commonly see quite a few hundred individuals per day and labored on a daily basis of your 7 days. However, the another thing that established him besides the earlier clergymen and priestesses We’ve got looked was The point that he made use of his reward to become terribly wealthy. This has lead cynics to counsel that he was a fraud but in truth if it was not for The truth that he was in the position to get the specified results then it would’ve been quite challenging for him to remain so successful for a great number of decades. Additionally it is genuine to say that he didn’t just make use of the money generated for private prosperity, as he poured loads of his earnings to the religions of Obeah, Orisha and Voodoo, supporting to maintain a hyperlink towards the country’s African heritage that lasts even today.

My name is Higher Priest Jean Emmanuel, And that i come from a lengthy line of Voodoo practitioners. With Every single generation perfecting and honing their competencies, my spells and curses are Amongst the most powerful that can be found everywhere. My grandfather wasn’t the initial voodoo practitioner, but his reputation proceeds him. Referred to by his followers as (tough translation) “The Significant-Priest of All That Is Being aware of” he slowly but surely handed his capabilities on to me.