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Pod systems work best with nic salts and are super easy to fill and refill. For a great salt nicotine device, check out Smoking Vapor’s Mi-Pod. Unlike other portable vaping devices, the Mi-One has a custom-built 950mAh battery that promises a longer-lasting vaping experience.

Besides, it doesn’t get more stylish and convenient than a Mi-Pod with a trendy chain. Of course, you’ll also need nicotine salt flavors. Keep reading to find out the best nicotine salt flavors that are driving vape enthusiasts wild.

Some people may wonder what the point of nic salts is if they deliver the same nicotine kick as traditional cigarettes.

In fact, there are a few advantages to using nic salts in e-Liquid form.First, you typically consume fewer toxic chemicals by vaping nic salts than you do by smoking a cigarette. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website admits that while neither option is ideal, e-cigarettes are generally considered safer than traditional cigarettes.

Plus, there are no smelly clothes or withering comments from passerby to deal with when vaping.Secondly, salt-nicotine e-Liquids come in 18-50 mg/mL strengths, delivering the same nicotine concentration at a fraction of the cost. If you’re tired of spending around $15 on a single pack of cigarettes, nicotine salts can save you a small fortune.