How to Pick Authentic Silver Jewellery

Silver is becoming the most favored jewelry nowadays. Not just because it’s cheaper as compared to gold but it does posses a unique charm and luster. However, distinguishing real silver from fake silver is tough. So the how do you tell if the silver jewelry is real or not? It’s easy. One of the identifying marks of real silver is the 925 stamp placed beneath the jewelry. It is in the law that metal must be identified by the maker thus the 925 stamp. Once you see these three numbers in the silver jewel, you can be assured that it is genuine. In some cases, there is a maker’s mark as well. Most of the time, these numbers can be found on the inside of the jewelry.

Under the Revised Section 295 of Volume 15 of the United States Code, also known as the National Gold and Silver Marking Act, standard requirements for gold and silver must be followed. For silver jewelries, the mark can be stamped ‘sterling’ or the numbers 925. 925 refer to 92.5% silver.

Another way to identify if the silver is genuine or not is to check if the color is still the same even when used daily and used under extreme conditions. Fake silver, when used for long periods of time; usually leave a bright green shade on the skin. sterling silver jewelry manufacturer This happens because fake silver contains traces of copper (a cheap metal). When oxidation occurs, the chemical reacts with the skin thus leaving a green or red mark. In case this same thing happened to you, sorry to say, but you have bought a fake silver jewelry.

Distinguishing genuine silver can also be done by considering the distributor’s reputation. When in doubt whether the jewelry is fake or not, consider the distributor. To make sure that you are buying real silver, go to an established jewelry store. In case you have already bought a silver jewelry and you worry that it is fake, have it checked.

A great and effective way to check if the silver is either genuine or not is by conducting an acid test. Cheap and fake silvers have flooded the market thus making it harder for shoppers to distinguish fake from real. To erase all doubts, a nitric acid test was introduced. You can do it yourself but to be sure, you can have an expert jeweler do it. The process is done by briskly rubbing the acid to the piece of jewelry you want to test. This will reveal if the silver is fake or not. Fake silver, when rubbed with nitric acid, will turn green. If the result is a cloudy gray color then that means it’s genuine.

If you are still unsure of the authenticity of the silver jewelry, you can have it appraised. Find a jewelry expert. Have him thoroughly check the jewelry. He will take a close look on it and perform some tests to see if it’s fake or not. This is a wise move if you are really clueless about the basic steps on how to identify real silver from fake ones.