Burleigh Heads Homes Are Simply a Great Investment

With a reputation for top quality building and a focus on sustainable practises, Burleigh Heads has become a fast-growing luxury home builder in Australia. Consisting of only five kilometres from the Great Barrier Reef, this coastal city is perfect for marine enthusiasts and adventurers who desire a luxurious lifestyle. The luxury home builders at Burleigh Heads share their vision for transforming this hidden gem of an area into a haven for living that’s as near to nature as possible. The secret is in using state of the art building techniques and the latest design concepts.

There are plenty of reasons why Burleigh Heads is one of the best places in Australia to choose as your next luxury home builders. The area covers a large region with golden sand beaches, clear water, surf and surfing, rivers, lakes and ponds. It is also rich in culture with the Indigenous people exhibiting a strong connection with the land.

Many of the world’s leading luxury home builders have set up shop in this area, including renowned names like Urban Designers, Brayton Purcell and Balfour Alexander. They each have a unique blend of design ideas that have helped them create exciting new developments that incorporate environmentally sustainable practices. As well as green building practices, many of the builders use their knowledge and experience to create a stylish environment. As well as creating spaces that are both relaxing and contemporary, these builders often take the process a step further by incorporating natural surrounds or landscapes. These can include wooded areas, coastal areas or views of the incredible coastal dunes.

The city of Burleigh Heads sits beside the Fleayney World Aquarium, which exhibits Australian marine wildlife. This area is also home to the largest unbroken stretch of sea beach in the Northern Queensland region. The ideal setting for both relaxation and outdoor sports is an area where you can find endless options for dining, entertainment and water activities.

Of course, with all of the luxury home builders in this area, you are bound to find the perfect range of home styles and designs. There are also multiple luxurious finishes to choose from, allowing you to design your home exactly how you want it. For example, some of the homes feature open floor plans, allowing light to stream into the rooms. Others feature grand hall ways and overhanging ceilings. In addition, you can choose from modern housing designs or older home styles, depending on the style that you love.

Burleigh Heads has an unparalleled natural beauty. The area sits on the Fleayney World Sea Floor, which offers amazing marine life and coral environments. You can swim and watch the stunning aquatic creatures as you dine at one of the restaurants on the coast. Or, if you prefer, you can take a nature trail and experience the rugged landscape of this beautiful area.

In addition to these natural settings, the area is also known for its art and culture. There are several art galleries and museums in the city, as well as a wide selection of cafes and restaurants featuring local produce and specialties. Burleigh Heads has been voted the number one cultural destination by the British Sun and several tourists have stated that they take particular notice of the area because it’s so different and exotic. This is evident in the number of art galleries and museums that are located here, as well as the number of people who work in the creative industry in the area.

If you are looking to build your dream home, consider one of the Burleigh Head homes for sale. These luxury homes are available for builders of all skill levels. They are also conveniently located close to fantastic public transportation systems and facilities, such as the Burleigh railway station. You will find the proximity of this key public transportation hub to the train station and other local businesses ideal for taking advantage of the local shopping and entertainment opportunities. Burleigh Head is also close to several important locations and attractions, including the popular Leisure Valley and the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge. With all of these benefits, why look anywhere else for your new home?